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Description: Each pouch contains 24 - 28 gram dry servings of low in protein seafood patty mix. Just add water and oil to make your favorite seafood-flavored cakes. Manufactured in a facility that uses eggs, milk, nuts, soy and wheat.

Preparation: Combine ¼ cup (28g) Seafood Patty Mix, 5 Tbs water (or bottled clam juice) and 1 Tbs melted butter. Let rest a few minutes until firm. Form into a patty, "fish sticks” or roll between 2 sheets of wax paper to desired thickness and cut out with fun cookie cutter shapes. Cook in a well-oiled skillet until each side is crispy-golden. Serve with tartar sauce or your favorite dipping sauce. Suggestion: Add diced onions and celery to mixture and roll in breadcrumbs prior to cooking. See for stuffed clams and other great recipes.

Serving Suggestions: Serve as seafood-flavored cakes.

Storage: Store sealed tightly in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Wheat starch, potato starch, glucomannan powder, cassava flour, tapioca starch, ground shiitake mushrooms, polydextrose, canola oil, sugar, contains 2% or less of baking soda, garlic, salt, celery seeds, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, xanthan gum, sodium diacetate, yeast, dried parsley, mixed tocotrienols and tocopherols. Contains wheat.

Seafood Patty Mix

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