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Description: A delicious vegetarian blend of cassava and barbecue sauce with a zesty seasoning and delicious barbecue taste. Homestyle BBQ Baked Beans just got a whole lot better because Cambrooke replaced the high protein beans with comparable textured yuca. Diced yuca and caramelized onions are blended in a delicious tangy, sweet, savory, hickory-bacon barbecue sauce. Each heat and serve meal is 320 g.

Microwave: Peel film seal back partially to allow for proper venting. Microwave on high 2-3 minutes, stir and cook for an additional 2 minutes (oven times may vary). Carefully open cover and serve.
Stovetop: Empty contents of tray into saucepan and gently stir until heated through.

Serving Suggestions: They're great alone as a side dish, over rice or baked potato, in a tortilla or smothered on a Brookelyn Dog in a bun. Try serving this as a main dish with a salad or accompany it with your favorite low protein imitation rice or pasta.

Storage: Keep frozen.

Medley Meals - Barbecue Bake

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