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An all-purpose low-protein baking mix that can be used to make pancakes, tortillas, cookies, pastry, nuggets, frying batters, etc. This mix can be used in place of flour in such recipes.


The protein content of the serving size is negligible (about 0.3 gms); Phenylalanine – 11 mg, Methionine–2. 3 mg, Leucine–20 mg, Isoleucine – 8 mg


INGREDIENTS: Wheat starch, Corn starch, Canola oil, Fiber (sugar, Psyllium husk fiber), Carbohydrate gum, lecithin (soy), salt.


Allergen statement: Contains starch from wheat and lecithin from soy.


Store in a cool, dry place or for extended shelf-life refrigerate tightly closed; no need to freeze.


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